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Frequently Asked Questions
Terms & Conditions

If I do get asked a question it is normally one of these addressed below.

But please do contact me if this page does not provided you with the information you might need.


Are all the images on this website work Abbie Motion Makeup Artist has completed?

Yes, these images have all been supplied to me by happy brides or photographers with the brides/models approval.


Do you have a premises or are you a mobile service?

I am completely mobile for you on your wedding day. I have a small Cambridge based studio that I open for bridal makeup trials.


Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes, a travel fee is added to all mobile services outside the immediate Cambridge area.  This is at a rate of 95c per kilometre.

This will be calculated and added to your service quote for you.

What products do you use?

 I use only high quality, professionally developed cosmetic brands for bridal makeup.

Products that I trust will deliver top quality, long lasting, professional results on your wedding day. Within my kit you will predominantly see MAC, Laura Mercier, NARS, Face Atelier, Viseart, Hourglass and Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Do you provide a bridal touch up kit? Or do I need to buy a lipstick for touch-ups?

Everyone will be provided with complimentary touch up kits. These include a sample pot of the lipstick used, cotton buds and blotting paper to eliminate any possible shine (particularly relevant with our hot/humid NZ summers). 

That said, if you have a favourite lipstick colour that you already own and would like to wear, we will absolutely work with that.

How long does makeup usually take on the day?

Most artists like to allow 1 hour per person on a wedding day.

This is a generous time frame and allows for touch ups after you have eaten and once you have your dresses on,

  As a bride it is much more relaxing for you to finish makeup second to last. 


Is a deposit required to secure my wedding date?

Yes, a 40% non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required.

Covid related only cases are exceptions to this rule. Please ask if you would like clarification

Your wedding date will not be secured until the required deposit is received. 

Following your deposit, the remainder of your wedding day balance must be paid into no later than the week of your wedding.

Bank account details will be supplied to you upon confirmation of your booking.


Do I need a pre wedding bridal makeup trial?

Most brides choose to have a trial and it is highly recommended.

A bridal makeup trial is our opportunity to ensure we get that bridal look thats just right for you.

You are ensuring you know, you will feel beautiful and entirely happy with your make up on your wedding day by having a trial.

If possible we try to achieve your bridal hair & makeup trials on the same day, Makes sense to see your complete look.


Can I have a trial before I pay the deposit for my wedding day?

You may wait until after a trial to secure your wedding date with the deposit. 

I am happy to hold your wedding date for a period of 2 weeks only. You must be able to have your makeup trial within these 2 weeks. 


When should I have my trial?

We look to have your trial approximately 6/8 weeks before your wedding day.

By this stage you have all your planning in place and most especially, you will know what your ideal over all look is to be.

if you would like it sooner or later that is also an option.


What if I am unhappy with my bridal makeup trial?
In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your trial, I will be happy to refund your deposit (less the trial charge)

subject to the following conditions only:

Your trial is no closer than 3 months to your wedding date and I am notified of your dissatisfaction immediately (within 24 hours of your trial).

I will of course do everything I can to ensure we are on the same page during your trial, Your trial is our chance to get your makeup right for you in advance of your wedding day, so any dissatisfaction or issues would be ideally bought to my attention during the trial.

It is not uncommon for small tweaks to be made to your bridal look and these are easily done to ensure you get the look thats right for you.
I am committed to ensuring my brides are 100% happy with their wedding makeup,

so am more than happy to offer a second trial free of charge, if you would like to take that option first (providing the earlier conditions have been met).


What do I do to prepare for my trial / bridal makeup on my wedding day?

You will need to have cleansed your face of all makeup residue (including yesterdays mascara), exfoliated and lightly moisturised.

If you use a moisturiser with an SPF factor, please make sure it is no higher than SPF 30.

Some products with high SPF may cause problems with the way your skin photographs.


Do you recommend getting eyelash extensions before my wedding day?

 Getting eyelash extensions is a great idea if you would like them to last beyond your wedding day and you have experienced having them before. They do require upkeep and you need to do your homework on where best to get them applied.

My package includes false lashes with makeup applications

These are weightless and great for adding volume, length and pop without looking unnatural.

I carry a variety of styles, So you can be sure I will have what your look requires..

Abbie Hartland Makeup Artist
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